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R É V E R B É R E R 

Premiere 2022

⤳ 11 & 12 novembre 2022 
NEXT Arts Festival - Kunstencentrum BUDA 

Choreography of light and obscurity for 4 performers

The light is here the starting point. Its presence defines what we see or not. How do we see ? What can't we see ? What sometimes blinds us ? In a world punctuated by an overflow of images, R É V E R B É R E R is imagined as a care session for the eyes. On stage a community of dazzled people, then of extravoyants displays an acute sense for details.  With an assumed taste for illusion and the absurde, the quartet plays with the codes of Shadowgraphy - an art that emerged in the 19th century, and consisted in making shadows with the hands by placing them in front of a light source. 


Choreographic games at the edge of the field of vision and on the margins of perception, are 'seeing' experiences that challenge the spectators to ask themselves what is actually being seen. How does light produces spaces for dance and inversely how does the body invents places of light ? 


R É V E R B É R E R is an adventure for the gaze where dance and light are intertwined. A space that is simple but complex. A space that takes care for the nuances, and where the bodies give back the light and reflect the shade. A place where we like to welcome the polysemy of images, that acknowledges our shadow side but doesn't renounce to harmony. 

Concept and Direction

Jonas Chéreau


Performance & Light

Pauline Brun, Jonas Chéreau, Estelle Gautier, Marcos Simoes



Christophe Albertijn


Dramaturgical Advice

Valérie Castan & Marcos Simoes



Marcos Simoes


Stage manager

Vic Grevendonk




NEXT Arts Festival, Kunstencentrum BUDA, CND Centre national de la danse, Charleroi danse, 3 bis f, Lieu d’arts contemporains – Centre d’art, Aix-en-Provence, Les Bazis, Arts Vivants en Couserans, Caisse des dépôts


C-TAKT, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles - Paris, Garage 29, DRAC Ile-de-France, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

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