R É V E R B É R E R 

Premiere 2022

Choreography of light and obscurity for 4 performers

In R É V E R B É R E R dance and light are intertwined.

I consider this project a territory for experimentation, at the same time visual, choreographic, poetic and sometimes absurd. I imagine it as a place where we question what we see, with a particular interest on the sensations both physically and emotionally provided by the light. .


The light is here the starting point, its presence defines what we see or don't see. How and what do we see? What can't we see? And what is it that sometimes blinds us? How does light produces spaces for dance and inversely how the body can create spaces of light?


We will propose for the eyes an immersion time through a practice of visualization, this practice will work as an introduction to what later will be revealed on stage. The immersion is an invitation to the audience to change their state of perception and assist b both in a concrete and symbolic manner the lightning process.


I have always been fascinated by the gestures of the light technicians adjusting the spotlights. By moving the light sources, changing their projection angles and playing with their presence, is a way to act upon points of view and therefore on subjectivity. For this reason the lighting device will be mobile and physically manipulated by the performers on stage.


On stage we will form a group with multiple faces, a community of dazzled people, an extravoyant clan with an acute sense for details, or even as light therapists celebrating the body and the light. We will give a glimpse of the rules of our choreographic games, so that as spectators we are obliged to ask ourselves what did we really see?


I'm very much inspired by the history of lighting in theater, specifically by shadowgraphy, an art that emerged in the 19th century, and consisted in making shadows with the hands by placing them in front of light sources. With an assumed taste for magic, we will twist the codes of this art and make appear illusions connecting the body to the light.


In my work, I like that different layers are overlapping, somehow similar to life. 

To say with words what you see and don't see, is a way to place yourself in the world and to name your own world. Guided by audio description, a technique that is initially intended for blind or visually impaired people, we will make dances appear through the use of words, show this dances from different angles and twist them.


R E V E R B E R E R is a space that cares for the nuances, where the bodies reflect the light and shadow, a place that acknowledges our shadow sides and doesn't renounce to harmony. 

Distribution (in progress)



Jonas Chéreau

Performance & creation & light

Pauline Brun

Jonas Chéreau

Estelle Gautier

Marcos Simoes


(in progress)

Dramaturgy assistance

Valérie Castan

Coproduction and Residency ( in progress)

CND Centre national de la danse Charleroi danse, centre chorégraphique de Wallonie-Bruxelles Kunstencentrum BUDA 3 bis f, Lieu d’arts contemporains – Résidences d’artistes - Centre d’art, Aix-en-Provence Next Festival Les Bazis, Arts Vivants en Couserans workspacebrussels Garage 29, Bruxelles Service de la danse - Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles


Le Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles à Paris

DRAC Ile-de-France au titre l’aide au projet