R É V E R B É R E R 

Création 2021

Choreography of light and obscurity for 4 performers

R É V E R B É R E R starts from the desire and interest on the multiple sensations provided by light. I consider this project as a space for experimentation, a space that is at the same time visual, choreographic, poetic and sometimes absurd. Starting from the black I want to explore this artificial materiality that the theater can offer.


The day and night are at the center of our imaginations. The light cannot exist without the absence of it - darkness. Black can be simultaneosly the beginning or the end,  the chaos or the calm, can be the unconscious, the nothingness, the immobility or even totally something else, sometimes black can be the glimmer of hope. The idea is to explore different transitions and passages between light and obscure through slow arrivals,  abrupt changes, while  we observe what the physical action of the light does an produces on the bodies and on our thoughts as spectators. I vision this space as a territory where we can witness the manufacture of lighting. During the technical build up of my performances, I like to observe the gestures of the light designers adjusting the spotlights and testing the light. I sense potential dances on these gestures. A light source directed in one way or another alters the perception we have of a body and sometimes it allows illusions to emerge. 


I imagine for this piece a non-fixed light dispositive, that is physically manipulated by the performers. By moving the light sources, their angles and playing with their presences the performers are in some way acting on points of view and therefore on subjectivity. Like a "new Morse alphabet", the movements of the light and those of the bodies become a language in itself.

R É V E R B É R E R   will be a space where we take care of the nuances, where the bodies project light and reflect shadows, a place which defends the right to obscurity and that does not renounce  harmony. A place where dance and light are intertwined.

Distribution (in progress)



Jonas Chéreau

Performance & creation & light

Jonas Chéreau

Pauline Brun

Estelle Gauthier

Marcos Simoes


(in progress)

Dramaturgy assistance

Valérie Castan

Coproduction and Residency ( in progress)

Charleroi danse, Centre chorégraphique de Wallonie-Bruxelles, Kunstencentrum BUDA - Kortrijk

3bisF - Aix-en-Provence 

Pôle Les Bazis - Ariège

Workspacebrussels - Bruxelles

Garage 29 - Bruxelles


Centre Wallonie Bruxelles - Paris

Image : Phases of the moon by Kiki Smith