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creation 2016

created in Hendaye in the frame of 2D2H Festival

duration : 35'

The exterior with its passers-by is by nature a place where chance and encounter can happen.

Guided by the quote of Barthes « Better the illusions of subjectivity than the deceptions (imposture) of objectivity», we have invited different people to observe our dances, to start from here on a dialogue with them.

We envision this performance as a convivial space. The dance here is a way to create connections - a silent or speaking game where each individual in their respective roles considers, comes closer, listens and meets oneself and another. Each spectator is unique and their words are subjective, it is precisely at this place that Partout (Everywhere) is located.

Created and performed by

Jonas Chéreau et Madeleine Fournier

Sound by

Pierre Bouglé

External eyes 

Astrid, Marjorie, Raphaël, Mathias, Guillaume, Adrien, Julen, Ganix, Lucas, Aintzane, Pierre, Marion, Armelle, Lucie, Pierre, Clémence, Antoine, Kathleen, Pierre, Christophe


Tchaikovski - Valse des Fleurs

Clifford Brown & Max Roach - Delilah

Image by

Caroline de Otero

Administration – Production 

Leslie Perrin

Production déléguée La Dépose

Avec le soutien de Nos Lieux Communs dans le cadre du programme de résidence multi-sites in-situ Nomades. Résidence : Théâtre du Beauvaisis

Ce projet a reçu le soutien de la Drac Ile-de-France au titre de l’aide à projet.

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