Born in France and living in Brussels,

Jonas Chéreau studied both History and Dance.


He followed his dance studies at CNDC of Angers under the direction of Emmanuelle Huynh. He then took part of the DanceWEB program under the directions of Philipp Gehmacher and Christine de Smedt, during Impulstanz festival in Vienna. Within this context he takes part of the piece All Cunningham, 50 Years of Dance (Flip Book) by Boris Charmatz.


As a performer between 2008 and 2017 he worked in France for the choreographers Daniel Larrieu (LUX, Marche, danse de verdure, Dardanus), Fanny de Chaillé et Philippe Ramette (Passage à l’acte), Mickaël Phelippeau (Set-up), Laure Bonicel (Bad seeds), Anne Collod (Le parlement des invisibles), Jocelyn Cottencin (Monumental). In Belgium for Sara Manente (Faire un four), Lilia Mestre (Moving You) and Nada Gambier (Mechanics of emotion). For the Autumn of 2017 Jonas took part of the remake of the piece Mauvais Genre by Alain Buffard as re-imagined by Matthieu Doze and Christophe Ives. He will also be working under the direction of Diederik Peeters for his new creation.


As a choreographer Jonas Chéreau has dedicated the first decade of his trajectory making projects in collaboration with other artists.


In 2011 together with the actor Jacques Bonnaffé they co-create and present Nature aime à se cacher at Sujets à Vifs, a frame organized by SACD during the Avignon's Festival. Nature aime à se cacher  is a dance proposal based on the book Le visible est le caché  of Jean-Christophe Bailly. After this first encounter they continue to collaborate creating Chassez le naturel that stages at the Theater of la Bastille in Paris this two accomplices again. 


This same year Jonas Chéreau in collaboration with the choreographer and dancer Madeleine Fournier create les interpretes ne sont pas à la hauteur. A dance piece where as 'fake researchers' they imagine how the danse macabres could had look like. This dances of death from the middle age, known by visual representations on paintings and sculptures but from which we ignore any stage transposition.


Their second piece Sexe symbole (to deepen the meaning of the term), deals with the binary systems in language. On this piece they represent through the costume this oppositions, one is dressed and the other is naked, becoming in this way a metaphor for sexual difference. The two accomplices they use humor to discuss different categories such as the cold and the hot, the rough and the smooth, while exchanging clothes until they have blended into each other. This amalgam leads them into a liberating and jubilant dance.


At the frame of Conversations with a stranger organized by Luce Goutelle, they present the performance L’œuf ou la poule (the chicken or the egg). In this performance at the Le Berger Hotel in Brussels, the spectators are hosted by the artists in an intimate way. A film 306 Manon was made during this experience, by the video maker Tamara Seilman.


In 2015 Jonas Chéreau and Madeleine Fournier create SOUS-TITRE. In this choreographic piece for 2 dancers and one actor/musician, they literally question the origin of movement. Addressed to the audience in the form of a practice, each performer observes, questions and allows the poetry of the movement of body and thoughts to run freely as if a dissociation between this two could exist . From stillness to movement and movement to stillness, SOUS-TITRE is both a real and an absurd incantation, where the dancers are activated by their own and personal movement. This performance was created in the frame of Festival Next at Valenciennes, and later presented at the festival des Inaccoutumés at Ménagerie de Verre in Paris. 


In 2016 they created and presented Partout in the frame of Nomades, a project initiated by Nos lieux communs. Partout is a project entirely conceived in and for outdoor spaces, and was hosted at the Domaine d’Abbadia in Hendaye, at the gardens of Arquebuse in Dijon and at the King's kitchen garden in Versailles. Inspired by each of the places and their inhabitants, Partout is simultaneously an in situ and a transposable piece. 


In parallel Jonas Chéreau is also a member of the collective EDA together with the choreographic artists Maude Albertier and Sarah Pellerin-Ott. They have created TROIS in 2015, a piece that by being presented and re-adapted in different specific locations questions Art in relation to its context of presentation. They will imagine together Nos futurs, their new piece to be premiered in the beginning of 2018 at the Theater Le Quai in Angers.


With Baleine, Jonas Chéreau will start a new stage of his trajectory as a maker, this time on the format of a solo.